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Protocol Torch Lighter Rhino
  • Protocol Torch Lighter Rhino

    The Rhino is a bulky and powerful quad jet flame cigar lighter. Sturdy black finished metal surrounds the inner mechanism and the oversized thumb trigger allows for easy and simple lighting. The Rhino also includes an oversized flame height adjustment wheel at the base of this lighter and a hefty cap to protect the flame nozzles


    ♦  Brushed Red or Blue Finish

    ♦  Two Step Ignition, flip open cap and firmly press thumb trigger for easy ignition.

    ♦  Approximate Dimensions: 3.5" (Height) by 1.8" (Width) by 1.3" (Depth)

    ♦  Oversized Flame Adjustment Wheel and Butane Refill Node located at base of lighter

    ♦  Etched Protocol Logo